Filipino Hope City

Not merely to build a City...…
     …...But rebuilding Our future-Together!

We are not merely building just another city, but rather, Filipino Hope City is the City of newly found Faith, Hope and Love that will improve the quality of life for millions of Filipinos today. This visionary dream city will produce a competitively strong economic infrastructure that will generate thousands of Good Paying Jobs that will help keep many Overseas Filipino Workers employed and living in the Philippines, as well as provide a system of social benefits which includes quality and affordable Filipino Health Care.

Our objective for building Filipino Hope City is to return Filipino-Owned Industry once again back to the hands of the Filipino people and build-up a strong and stable economy.

FIRST: By creating HOPE CITY we will: BUILD!

  • Build-up the Philippine economy once again by re-invigorating and increasing the major manufacturing industry,  i.e., Steel mills, Textile factories, Rice mills, Animal husbandry, Agriculture, Fishing trade, Ports, Transportation, Shipping, Tourism, etc.
  • Build-up the work force again by offering an attractive and  competitive wage with health and retirement benefits to help keep Overseas Filipino Workers working and living in the Philippines. Our objective will create tens-of-thousands of Good Paying Jobs that will increase infrastructure and provide quality an affordable health insurance, medical, dental and retirement benefits.Today there are over ten million Overseas Filipino Workers that leave the Philippines because of better jobs and better overseas employment.
  • Build-up the economy by re-invigorate mining for natural resources and minerals once again.
  • Improve the roadways to allow for even greater imports and exports.
  • Build thousands of affordable medium to low-cost houses.
  • Create brand-new businesses with competitive new products.
  • Create a greater Gross National Product (GNP) by improving the quality and quantity of products being shipped-out of the Philippines.
  • Create fairer trade agreements & tariffs to protect greater profits margins.
  • Build new schools to assure that every child has an affordable, primary education that teaches them a vocation, skill or trade.


SECOND: By creating HOPE CITY we will: PLANT!

  • Plant the fields with new and improved crops, and introduce hardie varieties of fruit trees that produce fruits that are more durable to export.
  • Restore lands that were once destroyed by overuse and de-forestation.
  • Protect and restore the oceans, lakes and coral reefs.
  • Offer livelihood programs to help poor families survive.
  • Address the growing garbage & waste management concerns.
  • Drill clean-water wells for people that have no drinking water.
  • Introduce solar energy and build desalinization water systems.

THIRD: By creating HOPE CITY we will: HEAL!

  • Create healthier communities that teach people how to deal with major Filipino health topics lik, Cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and hypertension, which is the LEADING KILLER OF FILIPINOS TODAY. Prevention is good medicine.
  • Provide affordable and quality Dental Care for Filipinos.
  • Build at least three primary care HOPE HOSPITALS in Rizal, Quezon and Davao City (General Santos)
  • Build our own HOPE UNIVERSITY that teaches both technical and practical learning for either a trade or a professional career.
  • Build the HOPE HOUSE that will be used as a rehabilitation center to help re-introduce people released from prison back into main-society.
  • Fight and reduce drug and alcohol abuse significantly.
  • Offer free-of-charge Medical Missions to help re-establish and stabilize the indigent poor.
  • Prevent HIV/AIDS and other communicable diseases.
  • Build more orphanages to tackle the growing orphan concern.

Filipino Hope City is an approved subsidiary of Global AIDS Day® and is recognized in the Philippines by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Our team of professionals is comprised of Filipino and American  businessmen alike,  that meet the approval of many high-ranking Filipino officials like: Deputy Governor Diwa Guinigundo of Banko Sentral, the Secretary of Health Francisco Duque, Dr. Jessie Fantone of the Philippine National AIDS Council,  Actor Richard Gomez, Peter Kairuz of 700 Club Asia, Bishop Efraim Tendero of the  Philippine  Council of Evangelical  Churches and  Bishop  Gabriel Reyes of the Catholic Archdiocese of Manila.

Over 96 hectares of commercial land has been newly purchased to create the first-ever pilot Hope City, that will jump-start and help to stimulate the Philippine economy once again. This objective ultimately will create several first-time opportunities that have never before been available in the Philippines.

Our objective receives outstanding endorsements from three governors, including newly elected Governor, Dr. Jun Ynares of Rizal, and newly-elected Governor, Raffy P. Nantes of Quezon. Both Governors unequivocally support our objective to improve the quality of living for Filipinos and have offered us their full support in every way possible.

Our objective will return Filipino-Owned Industry back to the hands of the Filipino people!

  1. To create thousands of good paying jobs.
  2. To generate more Industry and a greater GNP.
  3. To stimulate more secure Filipino economy.
  4. To provide affordable Health Care for Filipinos.
  5. To help OFW’s to work and live in the Philippines.

We Support the GMA Plan
To Build Prosperity!

We support the President of the Philippines, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and agree with her plan to create a competitively strong economic infrastructure for the people of the Philippines once again.

We support the GMA plan to teach EPL, English as a Primary Language in schools and join her vision by building several EPL - Hope Teaching Centers

We support the president’s livelihood program that offers people living in need ahand-up, not a hand-out.

We support the GMA plan that would make the protection of endangered resources like: Waterways, Forests and Coral reefs a major priority for her presidency.

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