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To Commission and Send
Mark 16:15-18

GLOBAL ANGELES ® is the first “City of Great Commission,” whose objective is: ...To transform ASIA, (Especially the Philippines) into the single greatest international Medical Mission and Gospel-Sending nation in the history of Christianity!

What is Global Angeles?

GLOBAL ANGELES® is a networking hub of learning institutions, (medicine, business, media, communications, government) whose sole mission is to impart Bible-based learning to better equip Christians to go out boldly and impact the world in which we live today, in order to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

The purpose of GLOBAL ANGELES,® “City of Great Commission,” is to release Marketplace Samaritans that have been trained in their respective fields (gifts), that are sent to demonstrate the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in fullness today.

Jesus did not merely call His disciples, except that before He sent them out, He also taught them carefully about the kingdom of God, about its function, its role and responsibility in society, and then empowered and commissioned them to duplicate every good work on earth as it is in heaven.

The Body of Christ has been given stewardship to rule over the whole earth. These new Marketplace Samaritans will exercise godly-dominion in ALL business institutions and will take-back Marketplace Frontiers that previously were un-challenged!

  • Education ...
  • Finance ... (The collection & distribution of wealth)
  • Communications ...
  • Media ...  
  • Commerce ... (The collection & distribution of goods)
  • Medicine ...

The vision of GLOBAL ANGELES, “City of Great Commission,” is to mentor and prepare Christians today in all aspects and subjects for specialized marketplace ministry.

Moreover, it is also to raise up leaders in all areas of common marketplace ministry, whose sole objective is to impact and influence commerce, whether it be in professions like teaching, business, manufacturing, politics, media, religion, medicine and government.

GLOBAL ANGELES will also become host to the largest and most comprehensive telecommunications network in the world, to create the single greatest Gospel Training, Gospel-Sending and Medical Mission Network in the history of Christianity.

The time of just sending out missionaries has changed. The vision and function of Global Angeles, City of Great Commission, entails a three-part process.

  • School of Great Commission
  • Medical Samaritan
  • World Storehouse

1.) The School of Great Commission,™ is a training ground that produces strong Marketplace Leaders that are fully empowered by the Spirit of God, who will take Bible-based authority out into their respective field of business, and release pulpit authority into the marketplace today.

2.) Medical Samaritan,® is a worldwide network of first-response Medical Mission of Doctors, Nurses, Dentists, etc., that provide emergency response medical procedures during times of imminent crisis to give food, water, shelter and medicine to help those that are most in need of rescue.

3.) World Storehouse,® is a network of global food banks that collects and stores much needed food, clothing, medicine, bibles and educational tools to supply the needs of Medical Samaritan, during times of imminent world crisis.

Recommendations and Endorsements

GLOBAL ANGELES™ is an approved subsidiary of Global AIDS Day® and is recognized in the Philippines by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Our team of professionals is comprised of Filipino and American  businessmen alike, that meet the approval of many     high-ranking Filipino officials like: Larry Henares (TV Show, Make My Day), Philtec’s, Tom and Thess Taylor, Deputy Governor Diwa Guinigundo of Banko Sentral, the Secretary of Health Francisco Duque, Dr. Jessie Fantone of the Philippine National AIDS Council, Actor Richard Gomez, Peter Kairuz, CBN ASIA / 700 Club, Bishop Efraim Tendero of the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches and Bishop Gabriel Reyes of the Catholic Archdiocese of Manila.

Moreover, our work receives outstanding endorsements from three governors, including Governor, Dr. Jun Ynares of Rizal, and Governor, Raffy P. Nantes of Quezon. Both Governors unequivocally support our objective to improve the quality of living for the Filipino people, and have offered us their full support in every way possible.

GLOBAL ANGELES City Planners, L to R are, Charles Carnevale, President, Dr. Paul J. Caratti, V.P. Pastor Jerry A. Hanson, along with the Hon. Governor of Quezon, Raffy P. Nantes, Rev. Carlos Tena and Ptr. Pablo Socito.

World Storehouse®
Networking Food-Banks Around the World

World Storehouse® is a global Care and Share network that demonstrates the love of God by the working of miracles, signs and wonders, and is preparing for a new end-time harvest and provision that will counteract the attempts of devastations set against the global economy, as God releases a new quickening in His Spirit.

Since 1999, World Storehouse® has provided much needed food, clothing, medicine, bibles and educational tools to impact the people of over 25 countries. World Storehouse offers a new and different spiritual and economic provision to help escalate the Last Days work of winning souls during this crucial end-time harvest. 

For more information view the website:

School of Great Commission™
 Bible-based Marketplace Education

The School of Great Commission™will host the largest and most comprehensive network of learning institutions to create the single greatest Gospel Training, Gospel-Sending and Medical Mission in the history of Christianity, that will produce strong Marketplace Leaders, that are fully empowered by the Spirit of God, to take authority within their respective field of business, for pulpit authority to become       established (demonstrated) in the marketplace today.


 Networking Medical Missions Globally

Whether it’s in a war-torn country like Bosnia, a Muslim   nation like Iran, or responding to a Typhoon disaster in the Philippines, Medical Samaritan® immediately assesses the need and goes there to offer free medical assistance and set up recovery projects of compassion. Our first-response  recovery procedure, during times of imminent crisis, is always to provide medical attention, food, water, shelter and medicine to help those most in need of being rescued.

For information view the web site:

Approximately 97 percent of the “Un-reached People,” in the world needing to be touched by the power of the Gospel live within the 10/40 Window.

The Philippines: “Pearl of the Pacific!”

The Philippines, being the only Christian nation in all of Asia, has the greatest opportunity today to reach the entire 10/40 Window, which now comprise over two thirds of the world’s total population today.

This includes  Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and other Eastern religions predominantly in this 10/40 Window.

For until the 10/40 Window has been effectively evangelized, the Great Commission will remain significantly unfulfilled. The Time is NOW!

Jesus, the highest authority of all, said, “And the Full Gospel of Power and Demonstration of the kingdom” (the Gospel that Jesus preached) “shall be preached in all the world and then shall the end come!” (Matt 24:14)

Secular humanism has stolen from every institution of Christianity for hundreds of years.

Whether it is education, government or business —
Bible-based teaching has always been God’s plan for humanity and it is still God’s plan for society today.

It’s Time To Take It ALL Back!

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USA Cell:1-916.508.2289

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