God Bless You! Foundation

Welcome to the GOD BLESS YOU! Foundation, a newly formed network of programs and services that is now being offered in the Philippines on behalf of Christian outreaches worldwide.

Serving God Has Never Before Been More Exciting!

Today there are many new and exciting ways to serve and share your faith with others in ways that are both real and practical.

In fact, starting in 2008, we plan to send out THOUSANDS of newly trained missionaries into their respective field and help them to realize their calling.

Who is the GOD BLESS YOU! Foundation?

The GOD BLESS YOU! Foundation L to R are, Charles Carnevale, President, Dr. Paul J. Caratti, V.P. Pastor Jerry A. Hanson, along with the Hon. Governor of Quezon, Raffy P. Nantes, Rev. Carlos Tena and Ptr. Pablo Socito.

The GOD BLESS YOU! Foundation has been specifically designed to help connect every Christian-worker to their own respective field-of-ministry, in order to help each person achieve their personal calling in the kingdom of God.

In fact, if you are an individual that is presently involved with a ministry now, or are looking to be hooked-up with a ministry later, then our Network will find for you other like-minded individuals to help your ministry provide exemplary service on behalf of the neediest people in the world today.

The Philippines: “Pearl of Great Opportunity”

“The Philippines, being the only Christian nation in all of Asia, has the greatest opportunity today to reach the entire 10/40 Window, which now comprise over two thirds of the world’s total population today.”

“Approximately 97 percent of the “Un-reached People,” in the world needing to be touched by the power of the Gospel live within the 10/40 Window.”

“This includes Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and other Eastern religions predominantly in this 10/40 Window.”

“For until the 10/40 Window has been effectively evangelized, the Great Commission will remain significantly unfulfilled.” The Time is NOW!

“Jesus, the highest authority of all, said, ‘And the Full Gospel of Power and Demonstration of the kingdom’ (the Gospel that Jesus preached) “shall be preached in all the world and then shall the end come!” (Matt 24:14)


The GOD BLESS YOU! Foundation is an approved subsidiary of Global AIDS Day® and is recognized in the Philippines by the Securities and Exchange Commission, PNAC, the DOH and the Office of GMA.

Our TEAM of Professionals is comprised of Filipino and American businessmen alike, that meet the approval of many high-ranking Filipino officials like, TV Talk-Show Host, Larry Henares of “Make My Day”, Actor Richard Gomez, Tom and Thess Taylor of Philtec Metals, Deputy Governor Diwa Guinigundo of Banko Sentral, the Secretary of Health Francisco Duque, Dr. Jessie Fantone of the Philippine National AIDS Council, Peter Kairuz CBN ASIA / 700 Club, Bishop Efraim Tendero of the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches and Bishop Gabriel Reyes of the Catholic Archdiocese of Manila. Moreover our work receives unequivocal support from Governors, Dr. Jun Ynares of Rizal, and Raffy P. Nantes of Quezon.

Opportunities Available!

  • Medical Missionaries, Doctors, Nurses, etc.
  • Teach English as a Secondary Language.
  • Open-Air Ministers and Workers.
  • Musical Missionaries & Sound Techies.
  • Give away Gift-package of food and blessings.
  • Give away Bibles and educational literature.
  • Provide fresh-water drinking wells.
  • Mentor Kids at home and in schools.

Moreover we also provide financial assistance and support to help qualified ministries.

The Call To Missions has always been included in God’s plan for Christianity, and it is still God’s plan for reaching and saving humanity today.

The time has never been more right to re-think   missions once again as being a wonderful opportunity to fulfill God’s exciting plan for your life.

It’s time to “GO” and take It ALL Back!

The GOD BLESS YOU! Foundation®

Dr. Paul J. Caratti / Founder
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