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Why Global AIDS Day? (Cont.)

Our ultimate objective seeks to build a co-operative, multi-sectoral approach to HIV/AIDS prevention that would seep into every sector of society, be it education, labor and employment, medical, tourism or foreign affairs. But to accomplish this magnanimous feat will require the full cooperation of every sector of society that are willing to come together in order to achieve the same objective — which is, full containment and eradication of this totally preventable disease. When it comes to seeking out 100 percent Disease-Free-Living abstinence wins out over condom protection ever single time. Where today many people now prefer the option of living a life that is sexually Disease-Free.

Therefore Global AIDS Day offers Preventive Strategies for creating Smarter Reproductive Awareness in communities in order to help people understand the nature of AIDS and of how not to contract the deadly HIV virus. These programs significantly reduce the need for there being many of the more costly Post-Treatment and Out-Patient Services, whereby definition there would be much fewer STD’s and fewer expensive Post-Treatment Programs needed.  An ounce of prevention is still worth a pound of cure. Moreover knowledge is power. And knowledge when it is applied correctly becomes a formidable weapon against AIDS, where the greatest treatment for AIDS today is PREVENTION.

One Hundred Voice Children’s Choir sings at Global AIDS Day, 2007 in the Philippines.

It is hoped that our objectives will become an important asset in the fight against AIDS and deemed as a necessary contribution to warn many unaware people about the escalating dangers of there being even greater outbreaks of new HIV infections, CO infections and RE infections in the days ahead.

Yours for better health, Dr. Paul J. Caratti, Ph.D.
Regarding AIDS: "The worst is yet to come!” Former United Nations, Secretary General, Kofi Annan.
If we don’t tell them that AIDS is a Totally and Completely Preventable Disease, and then tell them how to Prevent Infection, How Then Will They Ever Know?
AIDS is For Real… This Time Tell Someone?

Global AIDS Day,® like World AIDS Day, has but one target objective and adheres to the United Nations campaign against the growing HIV/AIDS problem as well as supports UNAIDS, USAID and the PEPFAR plan (the President’s Emergency Plan For AIDS Reduction) to prevent, treat and defeat AIDS worldwide. Previous Page

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