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Jesus Christ.

Medical Samaritan is a Philippine-founded, global Care and Share Network, comprised of Christian doctors, nurses and medical professionals that are willing to donate a portion of their time and talent back to society in order to help some of the poorest people living in the world today receive emergency medical assistance during times of disaster and  immanent world-crisis.

Whether it’s in a war-torn country like Bosnia, a Muslim nation like Iran, or responding to a hurricane disaster in the United States, Medical Samaritan immediately assesses the need and goes there to offer free medical assistance and set up recovery projects of compassion.

Our first-response recovery procedure, during times of imminent crisis, is always to provide food, water, shelter and medicine to help those that are most in need. Together with our parent company, World Storehouse,® Medical Samaritan offers total recovery that ministers to the whole person, which is comprised of body, soul and spirit, as well as provide spiritual renewal to anyone willing to receive new-life in Jesus Christ.

The 700 Club Asia, “Operation Blessing” joins us for the first time to perform a    Medical Mission, in Tanay, Rizal, Philippines. At this Medical Mission hundreds of free procedures were performed to benefit the sick and the poor.

The primary objective of Medical Samaritan is to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Mercy Evangelism by responding immediately to any world-crisis with the love of God, by providing food, aid, shelter, water and medicine. Secondly is to receive invitations to administer the Gospel in countries that previously have been closed to receiving the Truth of Salvation.

A Filipino man receives free-dental care who otherwise would not been able to afford it. In addition to helping during times of immanent world-crisis, Medical Samaritan plans to hold free Medical Clinics each and every week throughout the Philippines.

The Philippines, being the only Christian nation in all of Asia, has the greatest opportunity today to reach the entire 10/40 Window, (the least evangelized part of the world) which now comprise over two thirds of the world’s total population today.

The opportunity to take the Gospel of Peace into all the world has never before been more urgent. Medical  Samaritan is merely a vehicle given to the Body of Christ that is responding to invitations given now by countries previously closed to the Gospel to impart the compassion of Jesus Christ through the Care and Share Ministry of Mercy Evangelism.

Approximately 97 percent of the “Un-reached People,” in the world needing to be touched by the power of the Gospel live within the 10/40 Window. This includes Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and other Eastern religions predominantly in this 10/40 Window.For until the 10/40 Window has been effectively evangelized, the Great Commission will remain significantly unfulfilled. The Time is NOW!

Our Vision and Mission Statement:

Our vision is to network together with like-minded groups that have similar vision and calling to transform the Philippines into the Single Largest International Medical Missions and Gospel Sending Nation in the history of Christianity.

Many of these Medical Missionaries will be trained and sent to minister in countries that previously were closed to the Gospel like in the 10/40 Window.

 The Global Care & Share Network:

The strategy behind Medical Samaritan is found in our Care and Share Ministry of Mercy Evangelism, which is offered freely so that men will see our good works and glorify God (Our Father) in heaven. Moreover it is to reap a harvest of souls that cause people to call upon the name of the Lord and be saved.

None of us are sufficient unto ourselves, to accomplish all that God desires to accomplish, as this vision requires the Body of Christ to reach across seas and lands and to work together as one. “For blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord” (Psalm 33:12)

God uses our team of Medical Samaritans to raise-up this sick Africa girl off of her death bed. Being bound in bed for several months, she was immediately healed and got up and escorted us to the door. She was later released to go home and was fully healed. Walking and Leaping and Praising God!

Jesus, the highest authority of all, said, “And the Full Gospel of Power and Demonstration of the kingdom” (the Gospel that Jesus preached) “shall be preached in all the world and then shall the end come!” (Matt 24:14)

...To Transform the Philippines into the Single Largest International  Medical Mission and Gospel Sending Nation in the History of Christianity!

Sickness, disease and poverty are wide-spread strongholds throughout most of the world today, where over 50% of the world’s population earn less than $2 per day. One of our immediate needs is to receive un-tattered, clean clothing to be donated to help innocent children like these.

Medical Samaritan invites doctors, nurses, medical technicians and caregivers that believe in the Christian philosophy: “It is more blessed to give than it is to receive,” to join our team of medical professions that are blessing people that live in some of the most neglected places on earth today.

Services provided:

  • We offer general assistance to help counties in time of immanent disaster and or crisis.
  • We perform major and minor surgical and out-patient procedures.
  • We offer remote Medical Missions to provide general and specific health care services.
  • We also provide follow-ups clinics and medical consultations.
  • Moreover, we give emergency provisions of food, water, shelter and clothing to those in need regardless of creed, religion, sex or color!


To be a Medical Samaritan, we prefer that you be a Christian with some experience as a medical practitioner, doctor, medical technician, or are seriously interested in being a medical volunteer. You must believe in the healing power of God today, and are called to donate a portion of your time and talent back to God to help others that are less fortunate around the world in which we live today.

The desperate look upon these Malawian child-faces is due to the frustration of daily poverty. Medical Samaritan is helping to end poverty for millions of families today.  “For as much as we do it to the least of these, we have done it unto the Lord!”

These Mozambique children huddle together just to stay warm.  Most of the children living in Africa do not have adequate clothing or a bed to sleep in. Moreover that over 50% of the world does not even have safe, disease-free drinking water. Medical Samaritan offers free bore-hole drilling to provide fresh drinking water.

Dr. Bill Bray delivers $2.2 million worth of vitally needed medicine and AIDS Anti-Retroviral Drugs, food and gift-grant aid to Malawi, Africa. He later joins Dr. Paul J. Caratti to inspect the orphanage at Orlando Children’s Home, in Soweto, South Africa.

One of our Medical Samaritan volunteers, Pastor Angel Hilao, passes out gift-bag blessings of emergency rice to help some of the poorest people living in the Philippines. Today 21% (1-in-5) of all Filipinos are    starving because of poverty and lack or food.

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