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Why Global AIDS Day?

Global AIDS Day,® established 2005 in Johannesburg, South Africa, has fast become a necessary component in the escalating fight against HIV/AIDS that is now observed in more than 100 countries worldwide. Global AIDS Day was strategically placed six-months opposite World AIDS Day in order to create more HIV/AIDS awareness globally.

Global AIDS Day, which commemorates their worldwide event on The-First-Saturday-in-June, is working together with civic leaders, schools, churches; non-governmental organizations as well as governmental agencies to build a bridge of Comprehensive HIV/AIDS-Education and Life

Before a crowd of thousands Dr. Paul J. Caratti (founder of Global AIDS Day) addresses the State of HIV/AIDS in the Philippines at Global AIDS Day, June 2, 2007.

-Management-Skills that promotes a return to Healthy Community Values, thereby reducing the prevalence and spread of HIV/AIDS within at-risk communities.

Global AIDS Day responds to United Nations Call

Global AIDS Day upholds the United Nations' campaign against the growing HIV/AIDS problem that now encourages messages from the pulpit, not necessarily suggesting the use of condoms, but the traditional Church prescription of abstinence and loyalty to partners. Inquirer 12/20/05

Philippine Youth Group demonstrates (in a Dance) how by working together we can conquer AIDS.

The organization’s approach to prevent HIV/AIDS is formulated with just this commissioning in mind and is endorsed by both religious and governmental agencies alike. We have found that in the fight against AIDS, Monogamy-Based Abstinence and Fidelity-Management programs are often overlooked as being viable options toward achieving 100 percent disease protection, (within respective sectors of society) but that they should always be pursued as an integral part of any healthy HIV/AIDS Campaign regardless of their degree of influence.

Global AIDS Day applauds the landmark conclusion that was reached by the International AIDS Conference, 2006, which states; Without preventive measures (like improved sex-management) the world can no longer afford to treat the epidemic affecting 40 million people today and growing by 4 million new infections each year. For the first time in history delegates stopped squabbling over Treatment vs. Prevention and now regard the two as indivisible parts of a total epidemic response. (Emphasis mine) International AIDS Conference, Toronto 2006

Global AIDS Day is not just a One-Day health event, but rather is at work throughout the year promoting effective strategies within at-risk communities in order to win the fight against AIDS. Our principal and primary purpose for existing is to Prevent HIV/AIDS before it can even happen. Thus we offer preventive sex education to youth and children, as well as provide logistical support to help all sectors of society understand the dangers of engaging in early sex in order to affect a positive change toward the correlation between Health and Sexuality, thereby lessening the window of opportunity for Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) like HIV/AIDS, and of the more than 30-Different-Types of STDs that run rampant in society today.

Furthermore we believe it has become increasingly necessary to once again teach the importance of Covenant-Relationships and One-Partner-Fidelity as preventive strategies against AIDS that we may best protect those people who now prefer the option of Disease-Free-Living, as opposed to catching an unwanted and often times permanent Sexually Transmitted Disease.

Today because AIDS has got out-of-control in society 15 million children are the unfortunate Orphans of AIDS, simply because their parents have died from this completely preventable disease. Each and every year another 2 million children become orphaned because their parents have died from AIDS. Moreover by 2010 there will be over 25 million Orphan Children of AIDS, all because their parents have died.

On Global AIDS Day, June 2, thousands joined in Candlelight Ceremonies to pray for the 65 million people that have caught HIV. And for the 25 million people that have already died from AIDS so far.

Our strongest justification in this fight against AIDS is to alert at-risk parents about the dangers of AIDS, so that we might prevent millions of at-risk children from ever becoming orphaned by AIDS in the first place. It is because of these innocent children that we must first teach their parents the importance of Covenant-Relationships and of One-Partner-Fidelity as preventive strategies so that we may protect and spare a vulnerable, at-risk generation of children from the cruel hand of this indiscriminate preventable plague. 

Global AIDS Day has a sovereign responsibility to Defend the Cause of Innocent Children from harmful things like unwelcome Sexually Transmitted Disease and to raise the level of awareness of reproductive health, especially among our youth and children today, who are increasingly being exposed to risky sexual pressures that unduly influence their judgments, which may develop into other High-Risk Social/Sexual Behaviors like drinking, drug abuse, prostitution and even worse—STD infection, HIV and AIDS. Next Page

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